The Northeast Ohio Community Channel (NEOCC).

This is a story of passion and pride that started with, love for family and a wish to give back to the community.

As a family we’ve had various opportunity, to attend a plethora of community events in Northeast Ohio and the surrounding areas that presented us with opportunities to get a first-hand look at the efforts of many wonderful organizations, individuals, families, groups and volunteers involved in presenting opportunities to families and our young minds to explore, learn, grow and give back to the community someday.

This was the thought-provoking moment in my life that had given birth to the idea of founding http://www.neocchannel.com (Northeast Ohio Community Channel), a digital hub through which information can be easily shared with families and friends living in the Northeast Ohio communities to encourage volunteering or actively engaging in our communities.

A passion and eye for photography made possible, creating wonderful memories of various community celebrations, festivities and sports events for all generations to remember, enjoy and cherish.

Please feel free to reach out to us at neoctv@gmail.com, for media partnership and coverage, including any community news, announcements or listing of any upcoming events on the calendar.

Mobile friendly Calendar feature on NEOCC, is a useful tool to view all the upcoming events in and around Northeast Ohio for better planning of your next family or community outing.

Kishore D
Founder, North East Ohio Resident, Photographer and Event Volunteer
Email: neoctv@gmail.com (no spam please)
Website: http://www.neocchannel.com