Amistad Caribbean Arts Camp Band performing at La Placita, Cleveland 2019


Amistad is a community funded initiative to bring the music and culture of the Caribbean into the lives of young people in the City of Cleveland.

Young musicians are members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland whose band program will be enhanced with a repertoire of Afro-Cuban music which will be the tool to expand cultural horizons, musical skill, and, most importantly, young minds.

Amistad Caribbean Arts Camp Band performing at La Placita, Cleveland 2019

Young people from the community’s poorest neighborhoods face a multitude of barriers as they grow up – music is a tool to transform their lives. Music from other cultures expands their horizons and imaginations as they chart a better life for themselves.

Amistad will engage the exceptional talents of local professional musicians and educators who have developed deep expertise in Afro-Cuban music. Programming during the academic year will be infused with the sounds, culture, and history of the Caribbean.

In the summer of 2019, we aspire to offer a four-week intensive summer camp in this musical genre and then take a select group of our young musicians to Cuba to experience firsthand a new country and culture.

From there, the aim is to make connections that are mutually enriching, setting the stage for future trips, even bringing young Cuban musicians to Cleveland.

The young people of many of our resource-deprived neighborhoods often don’t have a chance to see and experience the world beyond their immediate surroundings.

If they are to see a path to a better life, they must be exposed to the world. Cleveland is fortunate to have a vibrant music scene dedicated to this art form and the community is willing and eager to share their expertise.

Amistad brings them together and connects our community’s most vulnerable youth to a better life through music.



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