Quick Review of Radio Mirchi Cleveland on 93.1 FM (HD2)


Update on 4/16/2019. Thank you Radio Mirchi USA for their prompt reply and addtional information which was not covered in the original post.

  • Tune-In is not adding new stations so we couldn’t add it on Tune-In
  • Listeners can listen Online from our website RadiomirchiUSA.com
  • Listeners can also dust off their Amazon Echo and Say..Alexa Open Radiomirchi” Alexa will ask which City and we should say “Play Cleveland
  • They can enjoy the 24/7 Bollywood News, Talk, and Music. We are adding more and more new shows and will post updates on our Facebook.
  • Yes, we are not yet listed on https://wzakcleveland.com. However, will be listed shortly on hdradio.com

Original post content:

This is my first quick review (with a video demo) of Radio Mirchi Cleveland Station, broadcasted on 93.1 (HD Channel 2)and for a long time Cleveland resident, this is exciting news.

In most of the cases for instance, Indian music concerts and shows, there has been a feeling of disconnection to Cleveland.

Surprised and excited, I decided to drive around for a while just to check it out and yes, literally a test drive in my car and I would like to share my first experience and impressions.

First off and I am sure most of us have not done this in a while if at all, so I would suggest that you get to know the radio setting and features of your vehicle and what resource is better than our vehicle manual so dust off your vehicles manual and learn how to set a HD channel number for a given radio frequency.

On your display screen you might notice HD1, HD2 and HD3 listed under 93.1 FM. Your car system may have RDS (Radio Data System) but you really need HD Radio to play this station so If your car system is not equipped with an HD receiver you are out of luck.

The radio channel I’m sharing about, is a Hindi music radio broadcasted on 93.1 FM (HD Channel 2). The music is crisp and clear (off course broadcast is in FM and HD) with good content, at any time of day or day of the week and on my morning commute to work.

Like any other HD radio broadcast, there are some buffering issues and also lost signals in building dense areas (check video clips). There have not been issues on Highways/Freeways.

As of today, this station is not yet listed on TuneIn and may have an independent app. (as a Bluetooth option for those that do not have the HD receiver).
I have seen that as of today 93.1 (HD2) is not listed on https://wzakcleveland.com/ and there is no option to listen online from their website.

Over all I’m really impressed with this new addition and I hope to see more regional content (in various Indian languages of the north and the south) airing on this channel in future.

I believe that these radio stations coverage will be similar to the main station, WZAK-FM 93.1.

Coverage map for WZAK-FM 93.1 FM and HD channel 2 may have a different range which may introduce spotty or ghost areas for receiving digital HD signals.

Courtesy https://radio-locator.com/

Quick video demo. Remember your radio system should be equipped with HD Receiver.

If your car has HD Radio, give it a try!



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