2019 Cleveland Asian Festival


This year, May 18 – 19, 2019, will be the 10th years we have served our community, and we thank you all for your continued support, the new website is live! Check it out! https://www.clevelandasianfestival.org/2019

The Cleveland Asian Festival provides FREE guided tours of Cleveland’s AsiaTown neighborhood Saturday and Sunday during the weekend before Memorial Weekend.

There are also many month’s long programming planned in partner with many organizations.

Even though it’s called the “Cleveland Asian Festival” this spectacular two-day event is filled with so much culture and diversity; not just that of Asian descent, but the culture and diversity of Cleveland as well. As a growing city, festivals like these bring a city together, and it’s always a great time!”

Games, Competitions, & Activities

The Cleveland Asian Festival provides games and attractions for all ages.  This includes all the activities and games inside the Activities Pavilion, and Go game inside Asia Plaza, as well AsiaTown Lolley the Trolley Tour, CAF Photo Booth next to the Lantern Stage, and the Egg Roll Eating contest.

Inside the Activities Pavilion, there will be about nine groups each with different games and activities.  Some examples are the Chess, Trivia, and inside the plaza – The Game of Go.

Asian-Pop Dance Competition

Love to dance? Love Asian-Pop Music? Why not compete and show your moves on stage in May at the Cleveland Asian Festival and win cash prizes! Show Your Dance Moves!


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