Planting Season 2019 – What do with Planting Pots and Trays?


Finally, Spring is around the corner in North East Ohio. Spring in Mid-West not only brings in joy but also brings in the most anticipated season, Planting Season. Planting season planning includes growing plants (flowers/vegetables) from seeds and/or buying plants from your local nurseries or big box stores like HomeDepot, Lowes and Marcs.

As majority of these plants are sold in plastic plant trays or pots, gardeners should be aware that not all plant pots or trays can be recycled.

So how do you get rid of them?

  • Most of the places where you bought your plants will gladly accept any empty plant pots or trays.
  • Don’t dispose the pots or trays in the recycle bin.
  • Pots that are marked or identified as “compostable” cannot be recycled. Dispose of them the garbage bin.
  • As a basic rule, small plastic objects (plant tags, plastic tightening straps etc) cannot be recycled. So, plant tags even though they are made from plastic, should go into trash bin.
  • Empty bags of mulch, topsoil, miracle grow or fertilizer bags should go into trash bin.
  • If you ever need to dispose of any leftover or unused fertilizer or garden chemicals (weed killers, wasp spray etc.) should not be disposed in the trash bin. Check with your community/city garbage service as these items fall into the hazardous waste category and they might be able to help or guide you on where to safely dispose these items.

Other ideas include, reusing these pots/trays/tags for future garden needs or get creative by painting and using them as garden artworks. Pinterest is your best friend for creative ideas!

Share your creative ideas and send us picture of your garden artwork and we will gladly post them on this website.

Happy Gardening!


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